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Lost Wastelands Lore - City of Lost Angels

The year is 2052 and Lost Wastelands stands as a neutral territory, on the road to recovery after having been flooded three years prior. Those that reside in the wastes came looking for an easier way to survive after having been pushed out to the inhospitable badlands to survive the flood. Certain resources are in abundance having been unearthed by the shifting sands as the water rushed in and back out again. Copious amounts of scrap metal, old tech and even some precious metal, veins left over from the bygone days of mining were all around.  As new settlers began to trickle into the wastes, and old settlers began to return, each quickly surveyed the area and saw these assets ripe for the taking. Factions and groups began to form anew, and lines were drawn in the sand, and these groups each carved out a piece of the wastes for themselves. 

The beings that live and work in the wastes are a hearty bunch, enduring the harshness of the area to stay just outside the cities influence. Enduring lack of certain luxury resources, bandits, drought, sandstorms, snakes and scorpions. The wastelanders now consist of small businesses of varying ilk, traders, supernatural beings, settlers, and even a modest band of human survivors all currently holding onto a tenuous peace with each other to keep hold of the sand below their feet and all its bounty. Whilst most of the wastelanders would fight and die to keep their way of life, to keep the land lawless and keep the taint of the city from their day to day, there will always be those that try to bring the rule of law to the wastes. It is this fundamental difference between those that reside atop concrete and those atop sand. Locals of the wastes value their freedom from rule and influence above all else.

The following resources can be found within the Wastelands:

- Sand, clay
- Scrap Metal
- Gold, silver, iron, copper and lead-zinc ore
- Cacti Water and Cacti Sap
- Oil
- Natural Gas
- Sodium Nitrate
- Bones
- Animals: Crows, Rats, Mice, Lizards, Scorpions, Vultures, Snakes, Wolves, Wild Dogs, Chickens
- Prickly Pears, agave, aloe vera

These resources can be roleplay scavenged throughout the wastes and used as a resource in character.

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