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🆀: What is CCS?
🅰: CCS is a metered combat system that allows you to choose a race (vampires, demons, lycans..) and a class (DPS, Healer, Tank...), then level through XP which is gained by time on sim or through XP rewards. When you level up you will gain new attribute points to spend on things such as health or stamina, as well as gain new skills to use in metered combat.

Do I have to do metered combat?
🅰: It's possible. - Dice combat/free form combat are an option, BUT it's something that must be agreed upon by all parties involved. If one side chooses dice and the other chooses CCS, then it is ultimately up to the attacker in the end if they want to CCS.
→ Mentioning your combat preferences somewhere in your profile may help let people know what you prefer, but it can't be a hard limit to not CCS at all. Most players will be willing to accommodate, but that's not always the case.
→ Low levels 69 and below are protected from CCS -unless- they RP aggressively, opening themselves up as targets. If you are sub level 70 and are afraid of being CCS'd, we suggest you RP carefully and perhaps IM people before RPing aggressively to see if they are willing to dice combat ahead of time.
→ Don't be afraid to take a beating, it can lead to amazing RP and even be fun!

Do I have to wear a meter?
🅰: Yes. - Regardless of combat preference, we do ask that everyone wear their meter while on sim.

Can I camp for XP?
🅰: Yes! Feel free to park your avatar around the sims and stay logged in to camp for XP. - Just make sure you wear a tag or have some visible indication that you are AFK/OOC, so that others know you are unavailable for RP. Parking your avatar in places like the welcome areas is also fine if you don't want to wear a tag. We do have mesh letter tags you can wear for 'OOC' and 'AFK' that are available in the welcome areas on both sims.

Can I play '_____' type of character?
🅰: CoLA is free form; you can play whatever you would like to play! - NO pre-existing characters people historically/fictionally though please.

ᴘʀᴏ ᴛɪᴘ: Don't go for the super OP type characters or you're going to have a bad time! - Being acknowledged as a literal God is probably not likely to happen. Everyone takes a beating every now and then and being beaten can be some of the most fun you'll ever have!

What is free form?
🅰: Free form just means that anything is possible and there are very few limitations on what you can do. All we ask is that people don't try to play pre-existing characters, you follow the CoLA lore as best as possible and abide by the rules of the sim.

How do I gain levels and level up?
🅰: While on sim you will gain 32 XP every two minutes. - When you level you will get a drop down that will take you to the website where you can place points into different attributes and choose skills. Just follow the webpage and it should walk you through it. - If you have any questions, contact anyone from the staff boards located in the subway welcome area.

ᴘʀᴏ ᴛɪᴘ: Copy & paste your RPs into a notecard if they are at least one hour long and drop them into the mailbox in the subway welcome area for XP rewards. You will level much faster this way. - If the mailbox is full, please contact a GM. Please run your RPs through this log cleaner first:

Are there race groups I can join?
🅰: Not every race may have a group at the time of reading this, you will have to ask in the main CoLA group in-world, on our discord here: or on the factions page.

🆀: How do I get started in RP?
🅰: First step is always deciding your character. Who are you? What's your goal? Do you have a family, friends, special skillsets? You can go as deep or superficial as you want in your character creation. Some people like a detailed background before jumping in, others like to figure it out as they go along. Both ways are perfectly acceptable! - Once you have that settled, then just hit the streets and start RPing with anyone you find out and about!

What are D-Marks and how to get them?
🅰: D-Marks are the currency in the sim and many businesses use them as a roleplay resource. You earn D-Marks by getting a job at any of the businesses around town. Once hired you simply sign-in at the terminal at that business and stay in range of it. The range for each terminal is generally anywhere within that business. Once every hour you will get a drop down notification to make sure you are still there and once you accept you will receive 5 D-Marks after a couple minutes.

ᴘʀᴏ ᴛɪᴘ: Make sure you sign-up at any ATM around the sim to be able to use the D-Mark system. To sign-up just click an ATM and then get a CoLA - Digital ID card. You will need to wear the ID card to be able to transfer money between players. You can also deposit or withdraw D-Marks into the ATM.

How do I get hired at a business?
🅰: Click the terminal at any business and it will tell you the name of the person you need to contact in local chat. Some businesses also have managers that can hire you as well, so just ask around at the business if there are people roleplaying there. - If you cannot get in contact with anyone please feel free to contact a GM.

Can I run my own business?
🅰: Yes! However, it must be a pre-existing business that is not currently run by anyone. Business decor comes 'as is', no other decor is allowed without staff approval.

Can I start my own group?
🅰: No. We're currently not accepting new groups or factions at this time.


🅰: Yes! However, please abide by the following rules when using comms:

1) Comm Units must never be used to call for help once aggressive RP or Combat has commenced.

2) Once combat or aggressive RP has concluded, Comm Units can be used to call for help, such as for healing RP or to regroup.

3) Comm Units only speak across the two sims (Lost Angels and Lost Wastelands).

4) IM's and Group chats cannot be used to call for help..

5) Comm Units can be used for any other sort of RP conversations.

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