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Dice combat is for those who prefer non-metered combat and have come to an agreement with their opponent not to partake in CCS. - If you wish to do dice combat, there are some standard rules to follow in CoLA for doing so.


● Same as normal RP, no godmodding. All attacks must be 'attempted' and not forced.
ᴇxᴀᴍᴘʟᴇ: 'Bob sends a fist flying attempting to nail Susan in the face with it.'

● You may ONLY use the CCS HUD to roll. No outside dice HUDs, etc. - The dice option is under 'RP Tools'.

● When you roll the HUD will roll two D6 die. - Add the two numbers together, the highest wins that round.

● If there is a tied roll both parties roll again.

● You may only make one attack at a time per post.

● In group combat you can only attack one person at a time on your turn.

● You must follow the health guideline listed below.


Health is based on player level, this is to ensure that everyones time and/or money still means something when it comes to combat. Please follow the guideline below based on your level:

Lvl 1-49 = 2 HP
Lvl 50-99 = 3 HP
Lvl 100-149 = 4 HP
Lvl 150+ = 5 HP


Dice combat is pretty simple. One person kicks things off with an attack post and both parties roll the dice, then the other person either takes the hit or dodges based on the outcome of the roll in their next post as well as adding an attack of their own at the end.


'Bob sends a fist flying attempting to hit Susan in the face with it.'

Bob rolls a 6...
Susan rolls a 2...

'Susan gets nailed in the face by Bobs flying fist of fury her body stumbling backwards. Regaining her composure she lunges forward with knife in hand and tries to stab Bob in his torso.'

Susan would lose one of her health points having taken the hit and both parties would roll again, then repeat the process. It is up to both parties to keep track of how many hits each person has taken and when they reach 0 HP they are then 'defeated' and will be at the mercy of the other person.

The winner should also roleplay accordingly in combat situations. Even if they win the fight it is good roleplay etiquette to RP out the effects of whatever hits 'were' taken during the fight. Winning doesn't necessarily mean you come out unscathed... unless you were just super lucky with the dice rolls!


You can absolutely do dice combat in group settings. It will take more coordination and time, but it's possible. To do so you would follow the guide above, but also take post order into account. Bob posts first, then Susan, then Frank, then Pamela... etc.

If two people attack the same player, that player will have to roll each time to see if they get hit or dodge and then roleplay according. Players can only make one attack though, so even if you get hit by two people you can only attack one person at a time.

If you have any further questions about dice combat or roleplaying out combat situations please feel free to contact a GM and they will be happy to help walk you through it.


As of June, 2022 these are our current rules for dice combat. - Things like healing or armor, skills that you would have with CCS are not being accounted for at this time with this system. If we feel or see a need for that to change in the future, we will modify the rules to add that in. - For now, this is how we would like the dice combat to be used in it's simplest form to test it out and make sure everyone understands how to use it and roleplay with it. If you encounter any issues while using this system, please contact a GM.

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