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 ♥ Special thanks to Stormy Wilde for writing most of this! ♥

Below are just some tips that from time to time we all need to be reminded of, even those most veteran of roleplayers!

This is one I think we all struggle with from time to time, especially if there are a lot of people in the roleplay. Post orders help ensure everyone has time to react to the roleplay around them.  If you are just entering a roleplay be sure to wait a post or two first before you post in so you know what you are walking into and can RP your first post accordingly. - If you are unsure of who is next a simple ((Whose post is next please?)) is helpful.

This one goes with Post Order, but also adds in that no one should post someone else into a scene when they walk up.  Let the other player post in if they want to and then interact with them as roleplay dictates. Sometimes a person may have just logged into the area and has no intention of staying there or even in sim to roleplay.

Godmodding is when a player avoids every single possible good or bad thing that could happen to their character.  For example: avoiding all hits in a roleplay fight, walking away completely uninjured, not replaying out illness or injury even with fast healing.

Metagaming is the act of knowing things IC that your character would not know.  For example you are talking about a roleplay with some friends and you then take that OOC conversation and use that information IC.  This is not to be confused with the planning of roleplays with all parties involved.

Emoting is an essential part of roleplay, it sets the scene, it allows you to give players information they can use (IE: Bob stinks of sweat from just working out.) But a line can also be crossed when someone emotes things like thoughts that should really be roleplayed out.  For example emoting ‘Gary thinks Bob is an idiot’ gives Bob nothing to react to since he is not a mind reader.

It's important to differentiate the two and not let things that happen in-character affect you on a personal level out-of-character. You should also not let your OOC feelings dictate your IC actions either. - If someone is being a real jerk IC, just remember that's only their character and likely not the player behind the screen trying to make you feel bad! If you do get into conflict about IC vs OOC with another player, please contact a GM.

Most players in CoLA will expect to see a 'limits' pick in your profile. It's not a requirement, but it is helpful for players to see at a quick glance what is not okay for them to RP with you. Limits are hard lines you will not cross when it comes to what you're comfortable with RPing. - Things like scat and dismemberment, etc. Limits should ONLY be things you are absolutely not ok with RPing on a personal or moral level, so please take them seriously when choosing.

OOC chatter will happen during roleplay and that's okay! However try not to let it interrupt the actual roleplay happening around you, keep it minimal if possible and always use (( around your text )) to ensure that everyone knows what you are saying is OOC. - Adding just )) at the end of a message is also accepted.

All IMs should be considered OOC unless stated otherwise in the message. - IMing players is definitely okay and it's encouraged, especially if you are wanting to RP something specific with someone and are unsure if they would be a willing participant. Such is the case for things like dice combat vs metered combat. Communicating OOCly with players is important to ensure everyone has a good time. - Harassment is never okay though and if someone is bothering you in IMs and won't stop, please contact a GM.

ERP is 'erotic roleplay' and in CoLA you will find a lot of it! - You can find it happening just by walkin' down the street or peeking into an alleyway. CoLA is a dark RP sim and things like rape or even consensual rp sex is normal here. Don't be afraid to try and rape people (as long as it's not in their limits), many people come here for things like that. If you're too shy to do it in the streets though, there are many private areas around the sim available to you. If you need help finding them just ask a GM.

RP is rewarded in CoLA! Copy & paste your roleplays into a notecard and drop them into the mailbox in the subway welcome area. If the mailbox is full please contact a GM.
ɴᴏᴛᴇ: Please be sure to clean up the RP and remove online/offline notifications from your friends list, remove OOC chatter unless it's relevant to the RP, going as far as adding a list of participants in the RP and such is also very helpful. MAKE SURE YOU USE FULL SL LEGACY NAMES PLEASE! - If people are using RP names instead of their legacy names and it doesn't show in the notecard, we can't find them on the database to give them xp.
ᴀʟꜱᴏ ɴᴏᴛᴇ: Only RPs that are at minimum one hour in length will qualify for rewards.


If you are unsure about something not listed above or do not understand something that -is- written above, please feel free to contact a GM for help, it's what we're here for!

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