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CoLA @ SL SCI-FI CON 2023!

Hey all we're going to be having a little promotional parcel at SL Sci-Fi Con this year! We were invited (several times, which I ignored cause that's what I do) until someone I won't name, that I think is a community member and an undercover Linden twisted my arm and offered to pay for our parcel themselves.

But since all the parcel fees were being donated to Relay For Life this year, I decided to just pay for it myself and do it.

Roark and I have been working on this little spot and I highly encourage everyone to get by Sci-Fi Con this year and see all the cool things others are doing and spend time in our little corner of CoLA there and meet new people and introduce them to SL's oldest and best community in the Dark Urban Sci-Fi Dystopian RP Genre!

Have fun and see you all there after April 1st!

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Unknown member
Mar 24, 2023


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