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Lost beach Redemption Lore – CoLA The City Of Lost Angels

A retelling by Phire Storm


Heed ye on the word of witches...

Nobody knows exactly when humans first began to observe the Moon but it must have been early in their development. The carving of the great Goddess Lassus, dating back to around 20,000 BCE shows the Great Goddess holding a Bison horn with 13 marks for months on it, representation of the turns of a great teacher sharing each part of her cycle with the children of the earth below. The Sun was a constant presence to early humans meeting the Moon at dusk to preform his handover of the sky to the Goddess and again at dawn the Sun would arise to not only relieve the Moon of her Darkwatch but to gift the humans each with a new day, the Suns role was seen as the true light, life force both reliable and constant. But the Moon was mysterious, offering ever changeable shades and faces, withholding and giving light during the dark hours of the night, dancing between the shadows off self and reflection, both giving and receiving in flow and grace offering a container of healing and release. She was seen as the Great Mother Goddess. The Moon sang the song of the feminine giving rise to the matriarchal times of devotion, love, peace and compassion which existed long before the birth of the patriarchal leadership. 
It wasn't long before menstruating woman learned to count the Moon Cycles in alignment with their "Moontime" thus creating the first calendar, the Sun was no help in dividing the time into smaller portions than seasons. Counting from one Moon phase through the cycle and back to the same phase this enabled clans, covens even religious worshipers to plan ceremonies and gatherings. For centuries Woman were the calendar- keepers, witches, priestesses, healers and seers advisors of the clans because of their ability to communicate with the powers of the Great Goddess.

The Armageddon fell upon humanity where chaos and destruction ensued, the year now 2040 meant three solar returns (years) would have since passed but alas the god rose no-more, days were nigh and the nigh was day as countless moments passed by with a sheeted sky maimed in filthy shadowed hues remaining never changing. New fates were befallen but even so in the darkest of moments remnants of humanity rose amidst the turmoil. There were those who clung to the horror aching in their bones forcing them to the brink of extinction with nowhere else to turn but inwards unto themselves and dogma likely to recreate the cyclic harsh lessons through their own peril. But there were others Ancient Blooded witches carrying the gifts of their Elders, descendants from the clans of the Moon. 

The Cult of Lunaris were the last remaining bloodline once known for their sworn allegiance to guide and protect humanity, now forced to withdraw and yield before their very own vow, retreating in self preservation seeking solace on the outskirts of the godforsaken City Of Lost Angels, the last witches of their kind disappeared underground. Crypts and caverns became their home as they sought to repair the damage that had been created, living in isolation yet in oneness with the earth and their Mother The Great Goddess. The land was their temple, devout the Lunaris were venerating every awakened hour in acts of prayer, magic and offerings seeking forgiveness for the atrocities of war and utter disrespect for life itself. 

Loyal to every Esbat (Moon Phase Rituals) summoning the blessings of the Goddess reciting an incantation sewn onto the tongues of only the Blood Born Lunaris to invoke her very presence. 

☪ Ode To Mother Moon ☪

"I raise my gaze in greeting to the silver moonlight nigh cloaked in magical mystery by the stars of the ebon-sky, 
My Spirit listens devotedly as her whispers beckon me near connecting us intimately her breath flowing through the air,

As I inhale she takes me to a place of hidden secrecy where sacred stories told invoking long forgotten wisdoms of our blessed immortal Soul.

Immersed in her temple the Goddess and her lore reflects herself within me remembrance of her once more,
A Crescent glimpse of first light then to full her face shining bright before sinking into slumbered flow where dark moon sleeps below.

As I follow her in cycle encircled in deep faith a mermaid of the Moon lead by intuition and the feminine embrace.
Her 13 turns showing me exactly when shes near walking me through her initiations of the mothers sacred year."

Here the Lunaris bathed beneath the Moonrise as her silver wings lit the sky casting rays down upon them, for they as apprentices had proved themselves worthy over the ages of time and so it were she listened by leaning down offering both Moonlit hands in answer to their prayers. The Guardians from the Four Corners of the Watchtowers rose into submission beneath the Goddess and summoned their songlines to reawaken. Air, Fire, Water and Earth curated individual pathways to reconnect the East, South, West and North directions together before birthing various lines to reignite what the Ancients of the earth once called Ley-Lines (Songlines) not only did these transport every living memory of all humanity storing them as etheric records deep within the bowels of the earth but they harvested the alchemical nature of magic through natural law offering the ability to be drawn upon, accessible to those with the old knowledge and wisdoms, witches, healers, magical beings and all that folklore and truth akin could name once again would feel the pulse of conjure awaiting now as pure potential. This awakening would not only affect what couldn't be seen by the visual eye below but above ground over the the next turns of the Moon to come and even perhaps a full cycle the songlines through supernatural procession slowly would begin to repair the Flora and Fauna. Trees that where mere skeletons of their once luscious form had been drained of life imprisoned beneath a shadowed sky where the Sun shone no more in due course would once more breathe life and flourish, other wonders would begin to grow as magic silently crept its way across the land seeping into every nook and cranny, the once outer Lands of the city from coastline into to the abandoned forests, sands to soil, grasses to foliage all inch by inch began to recover.

But for the Cult of Lunaris that was not all this nigh had to offer The Great Goddess held her hands extended toward them still sharing the virtue of foresight of what was to come. A power upon the lands was growing through both a singular notion and more collectively overtime. The Regent controlled the quarters of Lost Angels and had for some time been overpowering any of those whom crossed her path, growing in strength, callousness while harboring an un-relenting hunger for more. The vision foretold nefarious kindred of her kind gathering in numbers uniting in the name of the Vampiress forming a Coven, they started to spread their immortal curse like a plague infesting thousands in their wake, hunting, brutalizing, torturing and reigning eternal nescience upon the denizens of Lost Angels one if left ignored could land a new catastrophe upon the already fractured existence for all. The Vampires would grow so large and spill out of the city to the surrounding lands in all directions there in the South in the very positions the Lunaris stood right now beneath the Goddess the Vampires would eventually stumble across the Songlines. It was forbidden for the unliving to invoke upon them the very act defiling the face of nature herself and the Lunaris Witches knew the Coven would become a formidable force should this not be brought to a close, it was their responsibility to remember their Blood sworn vows to protect humanity and so it was … So Mote It Be.

The Elders of Lunaris came together in a congression of secrecy seeking consort for resolve knowing that natural law enforces a position of duality, the price of resistance and conquer would come at an exorbitant cost one that they knew they had no choice but to comply with. It would be done unbeknown to all others on the eve of the yearly initiations which by far the was most prestigious time for the Lunaris and the most pivotal night of the year where the ancestors could be called upon as the veil was at its thinnest, Samhain. Silver robed and skyclad below a single lined arranged in perfectly practiced linear formation they made way to the highest peak of the land and cast circle. Not a hint of deceit was suspected as the Lunaris proceeded with the reading of the Witches Rune , Elders took their rightful positions and the first of the initiations stood in wait at the tip of her toe. Sapphire known as the pride and progeny daughter of the cult leader had been in training her entire existence, loyal and true to the vow of the Lunaris she was about to enter her third initiation at the third degree and step into a position of the cults High Priestess. She was a child of devotion, purity and held a great love for all things living, animals were her companions while the elements spoke to her intimately allowing her draw as nature supported Sapphire in all ways, for she was its biggest advocate. She wielded unique and advanced magical casting for her age and some say that one day it would be her that leads the Lunaris back out of hiding to once again stand at the forefront of humanity as guardians. Alas the predicated fate by the loyals of Lunaris was about to go horrifyingly wrong. The fair haired female adorned with crystal blue eyes stepped forwards in summons towards toward her Elder who stood holding a pure silver athame pointed upwards towards the night-sky, as Sapphire came to close just inches away from the woman the young priestess disappeared from the Magical Circle without a trace. 

Confused and dazed Sapphire found herself within the grasp of another though, she knew Death was about to become her as those razors sharps delved downwards lacerating her flesh delivering the Regents immortal kiss, last thoughts of those she treasured, loved and aspired upon had thrown her very life away as sanctity was stolen. The Elders knew the only chance they had of defeating a monster was to create one. Knowing the Vampiress was near her strongest point in history any Chlide to be turned by the the Regent during her reign would be harvested from almost the peak of her full power, nae did they know that Sapphire would her last. Life drained itself away as fast as it was given and in those last moments where her slumped body lay already abandoned by her maker Sapphire was left to die alone, a horrific pantomime anthem which no other bore witness to. Nobody knew exactly what had become of the young Vampire as the lore of duality had been cast and while The Lunaris expected their progeny child to be reborn, a sinfully yet perfectly curated creature believed by them to of been made for the greater good of all was supposed to yield the ancient, blooded Magic passed down from her ancestors combined with the power of The Regent but always in magic when something is granted the law of duality also demands a return, the witches in their ignorance thought that the loss of Sapphires humanity would be suffice but alas they were wrong, as the young vampire rose to walk the earthbound planes cursed for an eternity not an ounce of natural magic remained. The loss of her gifts was the ultimate sacrifice which in turn made her untraceable.
The Lunaris had no way of knowing if the walking destruction they had willed toward creation even happened. The plan of the Elders was lost and the atrocities of their dishonesty became uncovered dividing the Cult until ultimately they all turned upon each other, only but a few remained concealed hidden somewhere underground. 

The City of Lost Angels eventually saw not only the vampires rise but other factions begin to appear all struggling amongst themselves to come out on top of a world in chaos, and make a new order for themselves. This lead to the First and Second Great Faction War's and an innumerable amount of alliances and betrayals and struggles beyond them. Had the original plan of the Lunaris gone to their favor perhaps it might have cast an entirely different fate for everyone.

Year 2049, the Island of Maui exploded in a huge 9.6 Richter scale earthquake, the sound reaching the Pacifica Coast mere minutes after, due to the magnitude and force of the explosion, the sky was covered in ash and immediately scryers and augers of all factions rang up the cry, the sea was coming. And 16 hours later the flood covered the land, scattering the factions and survivors inland and up into the high mountains and upper deserts of the Wastelands, shattering their power and burying the city they all fought to control under dark roiling waters fifty meters deep.

The year is now 2052, and the waters have receded with wars and small skirmishes fought for greater dominance and control over the Pacifica and Wasteland Territories between factions and gangs, large and small, begun anew. The City of Lost Angels rests at the heart of this struggle, it's residents all vying to carve out an existence in an ever-changing reality. Some are bent on seeking greater glory and control over the populace while others simply wish to co-exist and find their identity in this brave new world. Toward the South the once golden clad beaches that decorated the coastline now a shadow of the grandeur they once were, the carnival that used to breathe life and entertainment now lonely and forgotten. Waterlogged muddy marsh areas meet roads that now lead to nowhere with the destruction of the great waters apparent in more areas than some. Half of the township managed to survive unscathed while the leaning clock-tower meets the raging waters below pointing towards the fate of the land lost at sea. Forests have been kept alive by the promise of the Great Goddess and the pulse of the songlines below. History remains scattered throughout like a ruined museum, the dank surrounds vaguely carrying the magic and memories of those that once dwelled and all that was lost, leaving the land with its name, Lost Beach Redemption. Today as it stands some few have laid claims to the area but there is one in particular recently returned, A young Vampire who has come to seek retribution and claim back her home ….. Phire.

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